Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another little bit of Roll Tide...

Forgot this one... :)


A Challenging September

September began with continued heat and FOOTBALL. Alabama football and Glencoe football. Cole is playing Jr. High football and is one of the managers for the Varsity team. Garrett is one of the managers of the Jr. High team. We spend two nights a week at the football field and then some Saturdays in Tuscaloosa if the Tide is playing at home. Many of you have been asking about photos of Mia and her Tide clothing... so enjoy... LOL... September was rolling along fairly well, until September 11. I came down with an acute case of bacterial colitis and spent the next nine days hospitalized for IV antibiotics and treatment for dehydration. This was definitely not a good time to be away from Mia and I have to admit that I was very discouraged about life in general. My job is in jeopardy as my company is planning for layoffs later this fall. I have no idea if I will keep the job, or if I will be laid off. So... how do I stay sane with all of this activity? I look at my precious family and I am thankful for all the wonderful people in my life. I stand on the promise that "all things work for the good of those who love Him". God has proven to be faithful to us, through finances, through circumstances, through sickness, etc. I am relying on that. I am excited for what our future holds, what career changes may be in store for me, and for what the Lord wants to continue doing in our family. My pastor and I are in talks about beginning an orphan ministry in our church and I am super-excited about that. It would be pure joy to watch other orphaned children be united with loving, forever families. So, today, I am thankful for the assurance I have that God is in control. Mia is learning so much. She is beginning to say a few words like:
Ohhhhh (Cole), Da Da (Griff), Ack: (Jack, the cat), and she giggles a lot. She is a rambler and enjoys going through cabinet drawers. As of today, I have countless tubes of lipstick as well as a hairbrush that are missing. She is eating a little better and sleeps very well. She is struggling with seasonal allergies and has a perpetual runny nose. The most precious part of my day is when she and I snuggle up in my chair in my bedroom and she drinks her bottle and then sucks her thumb. I think about China then... about her life there, about her family who must wonder everyday what became of her, of the blessing that Mia is to our family. I am thankful for the opportunity to be her mom. September is gone and I'm looking forward to a beautiful fall season.

Much love,