Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Umm... where did September and October go?

It can't be November already? Is it? Wow... I know I will win the "worst blogger" award for lack of consistent blogging. Our life has been pretty hectic for the last few months and the next couple of months aren't looking much better... LOL. So, we moved back into the house. Yay!!! We were all so glad to get to come home, but gosh, was it stressful. Boxes, boxes, and more boxes everywhere. I still have only a path for us to walk through the garage. The neighborhood feels oddly different because of the daily reminder of the destruction that came our way on April 27. I have to admit that I am still grieving through this. The beauty of our neighborhood is having to be rediscovered and some days I just don't see it. I see a whole bunch of dirt where trees used to be and my favorite walking path is no longer there. But, enough of my whining. The kids are glad to have their stuff back and I'm glad to finally be back home. October... hmmm... well, sometime around mid-month, I came up for air, after being buried in boxes for a month or so. Football season was well upon us... in fact, running our life for a while. Cole played on junior varsity and dressed out for Varsity on Friday nights. The first couple of varsity games left me swiping tears after seeing my baby, my little Cole, standing there among a bunch of sweaty, smelly big boys looking more like a man than a boy. Where did the years go? I got it together after a few games, and now I only cry about it in secret. Ha, ha... The Glencoe Yellow Jackets have had a good season and are going into the second round of playoff games this Friday night. It has been sooooooooo busy, but I've loved it. On October 31, we dressed out a Stuie, an extremely handsome cowboy, and a little Chinese Minnie Mouse. I love Halloween dress-up... so, so fun. We've already started planning for next year. But its' a secret, can't tell you just yet. Our little sister has really made some strides in the last couple of months. For starters, she is talking now... a lot. A few months ago, I was beginning to be concerned that we couldn't understand much of anything she said. Fast forward to now, and she is speaking in sentences and sometimes I have to ask her to just stop talking and let my ears rest. Paybacks, I know... LOL... She's still a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse addict, likes cheese-curls for breakfast, and is pure comedy most of the time. Her favorite toys right now are puzzles, costume jewelry, and lip gloss. Yes, lip gloss. The girl loves some cosmetics. She is more beautiful every day and sometimes I just can't believe she's ours. The biggest news of this week is that I was able to go back to work. I've been out for a while due to complications of my lupus. I've been on a new medicine that I hope will allow me to continue to improve. God has blessed me with a fantastic job and I am grateful to have that to go back to. I know He has a plan for me and His ways are the best ways. A new friend of mine will be coming home from China on Thursday. She and her family waited for over five years for their little M. Unbelievable. When she began the process, her agency predicted a twelve month wait... then it turned into two-years, then three, then four, then five YEARS. God teaches us lessons during waiting times in our lives and this story is such a perfect illustration of His perfect plans for all of us. The daughter that God had knit for this family hadn't even been born during the waiting time... so the wait was necessary. And now, it all makes sense. My life has been changed for the better when I began to accept that God's got it all figured out... I can stop worrying, I can stop biting my nails, and just rely on Him to guide us. So, if you are waiting on God right now for something, I hope you are encouraged that He will work it all out, whatever it may be. I'm going to challenge myself for the next few weeks to spend time blogging about thankfulness... I'm always up for a challenge. :)