Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Snow Cuteness

Snow Day! Oh, and we got the Flu...

We went to bed Sunday night with it snowing like crazy. We awoke to a white, wintry wonderland! The problem was that it wasn't completely snow, but partial ice. It was similar to what I'd call an ice-sandwich. A small layer of ice, 5-inches of snow in the middle, and then another 1/8 inch of ice. The kids were chomping at the bit to get outside, so we got everybody bundled up, and headed outdoors. I didn't want Mia to stay out too long, as she had been running fever for several days and had made two trips to the pediatrician. She didn't really love the snow and I think it had a lot to do with the fact that she couldn't walk very steady in it and she was a little afraid of it. The boys loved it, of course. We borrowed the neighbors' sled and slid down the hill on the steep fairway behind our house. That was great fun! We enjoyed staying in and snuggling up. Monday night I started feeling like I was coming down with a cold and Nolan was running a fever. Griff was coughing like a sick seal and I knew it wasn't good. He is very grouchy when he's sick, so the kids and I avoided him. By Wednesday morning, Griff and I agreed that we should probably consider going to the doctor as I was having chills so badly that I couldn't hold onto my coffee cup and he, well, he sounded like a very, very sick seal. So, we went to our family doctor and sure enough, we all had flu. Swell. The boys continued to be out of school, so the two oldest opted to stay at my sister's house (Thank you, sis) for fear that they would be struck down as well. Mia has spent time with my sister and my parents, while Griff, Nolan, and I have slept, coughed, snorted, and groaned at home. We are better as of this evening, and I am hopeful that tomorrow we will feel even better. Thank you, Tamiflu. Oh, and a BIG job perk... free Tamiflu for all. What a blessing that was. So, it's been good and it's been bad, but it's getting better. :)

Much love,